Client satisfaction and quality work, two things we strive to have accomplished at the end of every working day since 1999. Today, we are the preferred partners of numerous industry leading Clients – the result of our unyielding commitment to our work ethics.

Trusted Craft
Aerostar’s rampant growth, over a period of 20 years, has forged a stellar reputation in the Marine & Onshore, Pharmaceutical and Energy industries. Our esteemed Clients shape the world’s economy; we provide the tools.

Evolution over revolution
At Aerostar, we believe one solution does not fit all. Every project we undertake is treated and protected exclusively, enabling us to be at the forefront of innovation, and ensuring the services we provide continuously evolves.

Safety Protocol
Executing a safe work environment, which is paramount to incident-free man hours and targeted completion, is only achievable as a collective. Hence every individual at Aerostar is ingrained with a safety standard that borders on perfection yet never veers into complacency.

Service Standard
Our rapidly expanding Clientele is a testament to our fierce commitment to service quality and integrity. At Aerostar we are not content with being driven by singular results, we drive further to cement long-lasting relationships with our Clients.


Empowering our Clients by providing integrated engineering solutions and continually achieving peak performance.


Immaculate in our Commitments.
Immense in our Efforts.
Impressing with our Success.


Promoting employee welfare.
Preventing industrial accidents and injuries.
Providing proper and adequate training.
Protecting all assets.
Progressing towards set goals.


We believe in effectively communicating our Quality, Occupational Health and Safety Policy with our customers, employees, suppliers, partners and soliciting their inputs to enable us to meet their expectations.

Furthermore, we actively promote the policy across all levels of our company and encourage them to embrace Quality, Occupational Health and Safety as their personal commitment.


We continually strive to improve our quality through learning, sharing, bench-marking, and participating.

To ensure we evolve as we grow, we also conduct periodic reviews of our company’s long-term vision and our short-term goals.