Equipment & steel structure erection / installation

Nothing is too big or complex

Moving heavy equipment and steel structures requires extensive onsite coordination that is attentive and absolutely focused on secure deployment. From welding and fitting to erection and dismantling, Aerostar makes sure you have everything in place wherever you need it, be it on land, vessel moving for a shipyard or rigging works for onshore applications. At Aerostar, every site worker and coordinator is pledged to ensure your project is in safe hands and able to proceed without delay.

Process Plant Maintenance

Ensuring critical uptime, together

Your reputation and millions worth in revenue ride on every hour, every minute your operations are kept going without incident. Aerostar understands how the safety and future efficiency of your plants depend on effectively managed and routinely necessary maintenance works. Our close-knit team of qualified and skilled workers are contracted by long-time major clients to perform daily plant cleaning, inspections and repairs servicing.

Prevent unwanted breakdowns with laser-guided alignment

Almost 50 percent of rotating equipment breakdown costs can be traced back to shaft misalignment. Misaligned shafts, belts or pulleys can lead to premature equipment breakdowns and damaged seals and couplings, ultimately resulting in costly unplanned downtimes. Such problems can only be fixed by correcting the misalignment. However, the best course of action is prevention with regular equipment alignment maintenance.

While traditional alignment methods are commonly used, they do not offer the accuracy and efficiency needed by today’s heavy industries. Using a straight edge to perform alignment is highly inaccurate. Dial indicators, while offering more accuracy, need a high level of technical skill and are overly time-consuming.

Using laser alignment tools, we are able to quickly, consistently and precisely align equipment in one single installation. Aerostar can help you accurately align shafts, belts and pulleys. With shaft alignment maintenance in place, you can prevent breakdowns resulting from misalignment problems.

General Building Works

Transforming public infrastructure, improving quality of life

Whether you are expanding the local transport network or upgrading public utilities, you need a civil construction partner who has your project’s success at heart. At Aerostar, we understand how important it is for civil projects to go smoothly with as little disruption as possible, and as much safety and efficiency to complete work on time. This is why when our clients win contracts, we put our best effort forward to make that success a reality.

Be it drainage, road works, general building or deep piling foundation works, our team is behind you every step of the way. One of the projects we are involved in is the expansion of underground transport infrastructure. We supplied the design and installation of ventilation exhaust systems and M&E cabling to facilitate a safe and productive working environment during underground construction.

Automated waste collection system

As waste output continues to grow in high-profile public facilities for the years to come, there is a need for safer, cleaner and more efficient waste management. Aerostar is working to solve waste collection challenges of the future.

We are involved in the building of automated waste management systems, whereby solid waste is transported to Central Waste Handling Facilities at top speed through underground vacuum piping infrastructure.

Tubular scaffolding

Adapts to every project

The magnitude and complexity of your capital projects require a safe-to-work environment where your workers can achieve the highest efficiency on the job. We have built tubular scaffolding systems supporting our clients’ maintenance, construction and repair works for structures of immense sizes and diverse needs. Designed with zero-incident safety in mind, speedy assembly and user-friendly durability, our skilled workers and supervisors will collaborate with you to move your project swiftly along in every phase.

Chamber Blasting / Painting & Thermal spray

Absolute protection in any environment

Our protective coating solutions make sure your operations consistently perform in the harshest of industry conditions. We are certified to perform blasting, painting and TSA services to the highest safety and quality standards expected by our clients. Our controlled blasting and painting facility prevents surface contamination and is equipped to carry out all types of projects with ease.

On-site blasting / painting & thermal spray

Aerostar is ready to take on any surface protection challenge. We guard your critical assets against corrosion, extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals and abrasive conditions while using automated spray equipment to save you time and money. We meet international standards and have completed coating jobs for structures onsite, topside equipment and oil rigs.

Passive Fire Protection

Absolute protection in any environment

Aerostar understands the stringent importance of fire safety in extreme environments. We have been entrusted to perform fireproofing works for many power and industrial plants belonging to major oil refinery and petrochemical clients. 

Thermal Insulation

Precise temperature control and safety

Be reassured of work environment safety and superior energy-efficiency with our insulation solutions. We can help you procure the right insulation material, fabricate and install it to specific requirements for a variety of hot, cold or acoustic applications. From safe and reliable temperature control in industrial piping to extreme heat insulation in incinerators and reactors, you can count on Aerostar for support in optimizing and accident-proofing your operations.